What is a Rhapsody Membership?
Like your cable television service, Rhapsody allows you unlimited access for a monthy charge (US $9.99 for Rhapsody Unlimited, US $14.99 for Rhapsody To Go). Listen all you want to anything in Rhapsody catalog. Choose from millions of songs from thousands of artists. And with Rhapsody To Go, you can take any of those songs with you on your Rhapsody-compatible MP3 player.

Can I listen to Rhapsody for free?
Yes. If you're not ready for a membership, you can still listen to 25 full-length tracks each month and have access to 25 Rhapsody Channels. It's a great way to see what Rhapsody is all about. You can listen directly via your web broswer or download Rhapsody Software for even more features.

Will Rhapsody work with iPod?

iPods are not compatible with the Rhapsody To Go subscription service. You may, however, use the iPod to play tracks purchased on Rhapsody. Or view the MP3 players compatible with Rhapsody To Go.

What's the difference between Rhapsody Software and Rhapsody Online?
Rhapsody Software allows you to manage all your digital music in one place, and transfer tracks to your MP3 player when used with a Rhapsody To Go membership. Rhapsody Software is currently available only for PC. Rhapsody Online allows you to access music through your Web browser even if you're not a Rhapsody member. To start listening, you'll need to download a small plug-in application. Rhapsody Online is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Can I take music with me on my MP3 player?

Yes, with a Rhapsody To Go membership, you can easily drag and drop tracks from the vast Rhapsody library to your Rhapsody-compatible MP3 player. It allows you complete freedom to enjoy your music wherever you want. The Sansa Rhapsody also includes the unique ability to discover new music on the go through Rhapsody Channels. Rhapsody Channels deliver a non-stop mix of songs based on your taste in music.

What is the Sansa Rhapsody? How is it different from other MP3 players?

The Sansa Rhapsody offers the optimum Rhapsody To Go experience. Like other Rhapsody-compatible MP3 players, it allows you to drag and drop tracks from the vast Rhapsody library so you can listen on the go. However, only the Sansa Rhapsody gives you Rhapsody Channels with a non-stop mix of songs based on your taste in music that automatically refreshes every time you connect to your PC. The Sansa Rhapsody plays MP3s, video clips, and photos, features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with up to 20 hours battery life, and a digital FM tuner and integrated voice recorder with built in microphone.

Can I still download tracks and burn CDs with Rhapsody?
Absolutely. A Rhapsody membership lets you listen all you want - but if you want to own a song or an album and burn it to CD - it's as easy as clicking the Buy button. Members always receive 10% off all song downloads, and Rhapsody Software lets you manage all your digital music and easily burn CDs.

Can I share music with other people who are not Rhapsody members?
Sure. We believe music was created to be shared. So play DJ. Build playlists and email them to your friends. They'll be able to listen to full-length tracks even if they aren't members.

Can I get Rhapsody for my Mac?
Yes. Mac and Linux users can receive unlimited access via a Web browser.



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